About Us

LILAS GmbH is a young ambitious company in the field of laser technology. It was founded in 2012 as an engineering and affiliated company of LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH, a world-renowned manufacturer of top quality micro-optics and innovative Laser systems, at LIMO’s main location in Dortmund.

The first worthwhile experience was gathered and the first steps were taken on the market within the framework of a long-term project (with a turnover volume of about €18 million) shared with the LIMO group. The project was successfully implemented and rounded off in the spring of 2015 and entailed planning and completely setting up a production line including the tallying measurement technology for the production of micro-optics. During the project the LILAS team had key responsibility for the whole project management (technical and organizational).

Moreover our technical personnel for the LIMO group carried out tasks specific to the laser branch such as configuring optical elements and designing and planning beam-shaping and beam-guidance systems, developing simulation programs for testing or qualifying microoptics or microoptical systems, ranging from the simple to the complex, during the manufacturing process as well as developing measurement technology software to control automatically and log the manufactured micro-optical products before delivery to end customers.

LILAS GmbH operates innovative and application-oriented research and development. Owing to our innovation activities, the following ideas in particular, brought to life and thoroughly cultivated within the framework of our current internal projects, are worth mentioning:

  • Novel energy-efficient kW fiber-lasers for material processing e.g. for welding, cutting, drilling, engraving, surface hardening, powder molding (here: SLM application) and so on

  • Optical combiner, also using preheating systems for use in SLM plants for the sake of increasing productivity and making it possible to manufacture medium to big functional components in large series in the SLM process

  • Manufacturing processes for solar cells with the newly created alternative – on the one hand to increase the efficiency of the solar cells by several percent and on the other hand to lower the costs of manufacturing solar panels considerably

LILAS GmbH headed by Dr. Vitalij Lissotschenko, one of the best known scientists in his field, is made up of a team of scientists, physicists and engineers. Presently LILAS GmbH has 16 employees (and is tending to employ more). With this team we are able to handle even complex projects with top quality and also to offer our customers innovative solutions tailored to their needs.


„Forward!“* - Success and dynamism through application-oriented action

You have a task, we have the solution for you. Thanks to our colleagues’ targeted training and unlimited thirst for knowledge, we are able to develop innovative and marketable ideas to be presented to our customers.

Our branch is developing swiftly and we are facing great challenges, but we are keen to accept them.

„Proposals instead of questions!“* - Top quality is the key to success

Top quality is linked to a high degree of customer satisfaction, which is always one of our main aims. Our colleagues are geared to top quality standards. We not only offer you top quality innovative products and solutions but also check them for their efficiency, to ensure you remain competitive.

„Get to grips!“* - Corporate culture instilled with a sense of responsibility

Our dedicated staff works in a multicultural company and shoulders a lot of responsibility every day for the sake of developing a promising concept applicable in practice. In doing so we value sustainability. As a medium-sized business we continually have to weigh the needs of economic success, social fairness and ecological compatibility against each other to achieve a satisfactory balance. Energy efficiency and environmental protection are very important to us.

A respectful and team-oriented interaction with each other is the key to our success. Our ears are always open to suggestions for improvement.

* Quotes from Dr. Vitalij Lissotschenko, Managing Director of LILAS GmbH.